Meet The Team


Tracy MacDonald CAHP, RRPr, HRP

Registered Reflexology Practitioner | Certified Clinical Aromatherapist | Holistic Reproductive Practitioner | Certified Holistic Full Spectrum Doula | Second Degree Reiki Practitioner   

Tracy is a holistic health practitioner specializing in maternal wellness including reproductive issues, fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and loss. At the center she provides reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki, facials and various massage services. Her sessions incorporate mind, body and spirit to enhance wellness and create a calm, relaxed atmosphere to assist the body back into it’s natural state of homeostasis. Tracy’s favourite part of her work is creating connections, getting to know her clients and being able to provide a continuity of care. She lives outside Rostock with her husband and three children. In her spare time you can find her practicing yoga, reading, digging in the dirt, attending to farm animals or hanging out amongst the trees.

Registered Massage Therapist

Hello! A little about me… I graduated with honours in 2016 from Academy Canada in St John’s, Newfoundland. I spent a couple years practicing in clinics in Newfoundland and made the big decision to move back to Ontario in 2018 to be closer to my adult children. 

I’ve had the opportunities to practice in both clinic and spa settings over the last several years, with a focus always being on the body as a whole. I incorporate an element of relaxation into my treatments as it is an essential component of health and wellness . I will work with you to address areas of concern and in need of attention while coming up with individualized treatment plans to optimize goal results. 

I’ve had the privilege to work with and have people of all ages, stages of life and with many different chronic and acute conditions trust me with their concerns. As well as regular RMT treatments I’m happy to offer additional treatment types to further your well being. I offer unique healing treatments alongside. 

Along with my cat, my family….(cat first of course ha!) anything to do with plants or gardening as well as practicing Tai Chi brings me joy. 

I look forward to joining the team at ORCHARD starting in December and assisting you in your path through this crazy journey we call life. 

I absolutely love what I do, and am passionate about helping people achieve relief and care. I look forward to joining the team at ORCHARD starting in December and assisting you in your path through this crazy journey we call life. 

All services will be issued an official receipt for insurance purposes. 


Registered Nurse Isis Manning offers over 20 years of in hospital patient nursing experience along with her cosmetic treatments.  Always interested and passionate about skincare and building confidence in others which led her to updating her education after over 20 years in the nursing industry to offer cosmetic options. This has been a rewarding time that allows her to feel excitement and joy in her work as well as for her patients! Her top priority is helping her patients to get the results they are looking for, in a manner that looks truly genuine and natural. No matter what it is you are seeking to address, a private consultation with nurse Isis will ensure that your treatment is perfectly suited to you and your needs.

I’m thrilled to add an extension of my business of offering our services at the beautiful ORCHARD Center. My focus is on customized care, and providing you with beautiful results.



Tanielle O’Hearn, MSW, RSW

As none of us are immune to life’s challenges, I am certainly no exception. I truly believe that those of us who have acquired scars and have done our own work are the ones who make some of the most effective helping professionals. As a clinician, and a HSP (highly sensitive person), I offer my clients authenticity, empathy, and compassion informed by not only my professional but also lived experience. I have not walked your path, but I have walked one that led me to reach out because what I was carrying became too heavy to carry alone. I truly respect the strength within my clients that allows them to show up and be vulnerable - as I came to respect it in myself. The space I offer is genuine, safe, free of judgement, (and at times will likely come with humour); where you will be truly seen and heard. 

I am a Registered Social Worker with a Masters of Social Work degree from King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario. My passion is empowering individuals and couples with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to break free from where they might feel "stuck" and reclaim their wellbeing and relationships.

Through both therapy and coaching, I specialize in working with women and have experience supporting those who struggle with low self-confidence, have difficulty finding their voice, are in a transition or at crossroads in their life, struggling with or rebuilding after a relationship(s), need help setting healthy boundaries, have had difficult childhood experiences, and those who have experienced trauma.

What you are going through right now might feel overwhelming, and I know you're unsure of whether or not things can change - but you are so much stronger than you think you are. You are here showing up for yourself and making the decision to get the support you need; despite everything you’ve been through. Know that you and your happiness are so worth this investment. Things can change, healing is possible - and taking this step is how that process starts.

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 Lisa Cloutier, MSW, RSW

First of all, I want to thank you for your bravery and courage, in reaching out to get the support you need so you can have more satisfaction in life. Your time and investment in yourself are beyond worthwhile for the most important person in your life: you and your relationships. 

I am a Holistic Social Worker and Psychotherapist, specializing in grief, trauma and recovery/re-connection of self, servicing humanity in all our diversity. I have been servicing humanity my whole life, however, professionally over 25 years. I have had extensive training in the areas of grief, spirituality and trauma and am in the process of writing my first book “Coming HoME: Transition, Transcend, Transform” while completing my Certificate in Trauma Studies with the Boston Institute of Trauma, with Dr. Bessel Van der Kolk.

I bring a soulful, grounded, spiritual and wise companion approach to the diversified transitions you may find yourself in now and in the future. I too, have lived through many transitions, and when I didn’t know what I didn’t know, I suffered for years, losing so much time, struggling with depression and other challenges. As I followed my intuition and courage, never giving up on myself and reaching out to those who appeared to know more than I did, l eventually freed myself from the crippling symptoms and created a life I love which includes serving you. My passion is to serve, educate, counsel and inspire wherever I can through connection with you. Helping you move through your transitions, whatever they may be, meeting you where you are at. And if you choose to transcend your transitions and transform, I can help you with that too! 

Give yourself credit for taking the courage to reach out and invest in yourself, I know it can be scary sometimes, and you are worth it! I look forward to connecting with you and if we are the right fit, would be honored to journey with you through this transition in your life.

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 I want to start by acknowledging the strength and courage it took for you to come this far. Whatever the reason is that brought you here; I want you to know that it is important enough to seek support. 

I have heard all too often from individuals that what they are going through is not valid or worthy of support, but everyone experiences twists and turns in life and you are worthy of support through them. I want to help you create a road map designed for your unique situation, so that you can find peace and joy in the journey.  

The space that I aim to create is filled with kindness, empathy, and hopefully some humour. I use a combination of CBT, DBT, EFT and ACT in my practice. Admittedly this may sound like an excessive list of acronyms… but the truth is that no problem can be fully worked through with a single model or theory. My goal is to help you find the skills, exercises, and ways of thinking that will work best for you and your unique journey.  

If you are curious about me, I started my journey to providing therapy while supporting individuals in residential care. While supporting adults who had diverse needs, I learned the value of coming along side an individual, learning what they need in the moment and providing client focused support. From there I joined the school board as a support staff working with all ages and stages, helping facilitate their learning. From there I knew that supporting individuals in their journeys was my passion. I went to Laurier and completed my Masters of Social Work where I became even more passionate about clinical therapy. It is a space to come alongside and co-create strategies tailor made for each individual. My undergraduate degree in Child Youth and Family Studies, as well as my personal experience as a parent and partner has further focused my hope to help support couples, families, and youth walking through difficult seasons.  

Whatever season you are in, I am looking forward to hearing from you and helping you find your unique path to your goals.  






Hello, I'm Kristy Jantzi!

I've been a hairstylist for over 12 years and absolutely love this career.  My interest in hairstyling started as a little girl when I would practice on Barbie dolls, my trolls and a few willing cousins! I thoroughly enjoy listening and trying to bring to life my clients visions, however precision cutting, colouring and casual informal styling are my favourite services to provide for my guests

I was fortunate enough from day one in the hair industry, to have the privilege of working alongside some inspiring talented women who have been such positive role models and mentors.

I ventured out and started my own business within ORCHARD Wellness & Treatment Center in early 2019. I love being able to offer my new and existing clients the experience that OWC offers with its tranquility, privacy and it's chic vintage hair room - a place where you can be pampered and cared for head to toe with its wide range of wellness and treatment options.